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  August 2013
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We have today returned to proper cricket weather. Thunder, lightning and heavy rain. Hopefully this will only be temporary and we can soon enjoy the hot sunny weather again.

This has been an eventful few months with the resignation of the Secretary, changes to the payment of umpires and the sad loss of one of our leading members.
Derek Smith resigned as our Secretary in February following a difference of opinion with some members of the committee and as yet has not been replaced. If anyone is interested in possibly becoming secretary please contact me or any member of the committee.

We were all shocked and saddened to hear in February of the sudden passing of Tim Granger. Tim, as you know, was very involved in the education of umpires and in the running of the evening and indoor leagues. The committee decided to create a memorial in Tim’s name and after some deliberation it was agreed that a rose bowl, suitably engraved, would be purchased to be presented each year to the highest performing candidate, either umpire or scorer, at the course examinations.

This was discussed with Mrs Granger who whole heartedly approved of both the idea and the choice of award. She has also very kindly donated the cost of the award.

Anthony “Tony” Oakey passed away in March this year. Although not an active member for some years he was a founder member of our Association.

The payment of umpires for most WYC, WCB and District games has, as you know, changed this season. This change was forced upon us by WCB at very short notice with very limited options. We could take it upon ourselves the payment, on behalf of the Board, or allow the Board to pay direct. The latter option would have meant that all participating umpires would have had to be put on the Board’s payroll system. We considered , rightly or wrongly, that members would not want to have their details submitted in this way. However it should be mentioned that HMC&E are showing interest in all matters cricket and we urge all members to keep records of their matches and expenses, just in case.

At this moment in time I am not sure the number of appointments made by our Appointments Officer but I am sure it is in excess of last year. The Malvern Festival has grown even bigger this year with Bromsgrove School providing additional facilities.

Our Annual Dinner will again be held at Ombersley Golf Club on Friday 11th October. A booking form is attached to this newsletter. Please book early as places are limited.

Most of us recreational umpires would consider ourselves to be very lucky to be appointed to a match at Lords, something which will only happen once in our careers, if at all. We have a member, Bill Brooks, who has been appointed to two games at Lords both within a few weeks of each other. The first an MCC game with a local colleague, Harry Harper, and the second game MCC v Melbourne CC which unfortunately was rained off.

Our Appointments Officer, Chris Bryant, was also fortunate enough to be appointed to Lords.

The Annual General Meeting is fast approaching, 19th September, and I hope to see as many of you as possible on the night.

I trust that the season is treating you well so far and wish you well for the remainder.

John Collins.
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The 2012 season, or should I say half season, is well and truly over and we must hope that 2013 will bring better weather even if the “experts” are predicting more of the same.

At the AGM Tim Granger reported that he would not be seeking re-appointment as Education Officer and Peter Stevens also reported that he would not seek re-appointment as Performance Officer. At a short committee meeting following the AGM Bill Brooks was appointed Education Officer and Dennis Pyke was appointed Performance Officer.
Thanks were given to both retiring Officers at the AGM but I would like to personally thank them for their work and support over the years.

The accounts presented to the AGM were unfortunately incorrect. The deficit on the General Account should have been £245.18 and the deficit on the Equipment Account £375.59 making a total deficit of £620.77. It should be noted that the Equipment Account deficit is due to the purchase of a new laptop computer which we still have and is less than 12 months old and is still of some value. Our policy is that all equipment is written off in the year of purchase.The accounts in their present format can be misleading, because several amounts of income and expense are consolidated into one heading. An example of this is that the Annual Dinner shows a loss of some £90, this is not the case as the costs of the dinner include £100 deposit for the 2012 dinner and therefore the 2011 dinner shows a surplus of around £10. Future accounts will be more detailed and hopefully clearer to members.
In view of the ever decreasing value of the County Boards contribution to our finances it is the intention of your committee to ensure that the Association becomes self financing. In this respect the cost of training courses will increase and if they are not considered to be cost effective, because of low numbers, they will not take place. Other measures will be taken to more stringently control our expenditure.

I have previously stated that the indications were that the Grading procedure would be much simpler for the 2012/2013 gradings. This has not happened and the criteria is much the same with the added requirements of evidence, match details, match planners, self assessments etc. and minimum education levels needed for advancement through the system. The official criteria is attached to this newsletter for your information (ask Secretary for a copy). Regarding appointment to ECB games there is no reason why any umpire should not register on “Who’s The Umpire”irrespective of their grade. However it should be remembered that unless you are graded C1 or above you are unlikely to receive any appointments. C1 grades are restricted to those umpires who officiate on a Premier League (in our case The Birmingham and District Premier League). Feeder league grades commence at C2.

Regarding appointments for 2013, please be aware that the ECB RAO (Regional Appointments Officer) will make appointments through WTU for University Premier A & B matches and BUCS playoff and finals, both mens and ladies, Kingfisher Beer Cup from Area Round 1 onwards, Village Cup from Round 5 onwards (Rounds 1-4 are done by the clubs), County 50+ Championship from last 16 onwards and Women County Championship Division 1 & 2 (this includes Worcester Ladies). Also there is no ECB U13 or U17 County Cup competitions this year.

The Annual Dinner held at Ombersley Golf Club was again successful although it would have been nice to see a few more members in attendance.The timing of the dinner was discussed at our committee meeting in October but no firm decision was made. Some members were happy for it to remain late September or early October and some would like to see it moved to late March early April. What do you think?
If you have any ideas please contact Howard Burley.

We have a small number of Association ties etc in stock which we would like to dispose of at reduced prices.
Association Ties £10 each, Association Coat Badges £3 each and Association Blazer Badges £10 each

If any one is interested please contact Bill Brooks.

ECB ACO have two long service ties available. The 25 year tie (25years of ACU&S and ACO combined) will cost you £10 plus postage and packing. The 40 year tie (again 40 years of ACU&S and ACO combined) is free to any member with that service. If any member qualifies and is interested please contact Bill Brooks who will place the necessary orders.

A reminder that subscriptions are now overdue so if you have not yet submitted yours please do so as soon as possible. Can I please also remind members to inform us of your CRB renewal date and numberand any change of email address..

An incident occurred during last season when a young player was hit by the ball and although they were asked several times if they were alright, and confirmed that they were, the parent complained to the umpires that they had not taken appropriate action. We therefore advise that when any injury takes place, however slight, that the umpires summon the coach to deal with the matter. It is important that our members do not take any remedial action.
In the same vein if you are aware of any player observing the festival of Ramadan and you suspect that player is becoming unwell report the matter to the coach immediately. It is then up to the coach to speak to the parents if present, if not the coach must decide what action to take.According to ECBACO our “duty of care” extends only to matters of the laws of cricket. Pastoral care is not our concern. I do not agree with this, we should, if in our opinion a player is under any distress for whatever reason, immediately summon the coach.

We are currently holding a WCUSA Advanced course. This is not the ACO Level 1A course, although the format is similar, it is to enhance members knowledge of the Laws.
There is no ACO Level 1A course this year or Level 2.
ACO Level 1 courses will be held in January/February 2013 and if you are of aware of anyone interested please advise them to contact Bill Brooks for more information.

A full list of meeting dates is on the Association website but for those who do not have access to the internet the dates are as follows:
Thursday 15th November 2012. 8.00pm Speaker Richard Skyrme.
Thursday 21st February 2013 8.00pm Team Quiz Night
Thursday 21st March 2013 8.00pm Speaker (to be advised)
Thursday 19th April 2013 8.00pm Presentation Night.

Please make every effort to attend.
John Collins.

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I hope that all members had an enjoyable season, which must seem so far away now, and the weather, although rather cold at times, was in the main dry.
The Annual General Meeting went well and may I thank all those who attended for their support of the committee all of whom were returned to office.

Our annual dinner was this year held at Ombersley Golf Club. From the comments received everyone enjoyed the evening. We made this a very informal occasion. Our President welcomed the members and guests, Bill Smith said grace and again our President made the presentation of the Ryan Bowler award to Howard Burley in recognition of his services to the Association and to mark his 50th year of umpiring. This prompted the usual remark that “he still hasn’t got it right”. It was unfortunate that the date clashed with the Worcester County League dinner and was the evening before the “Fossels” dinner. Whilst it is the intention to hold the 2012 dinner at the same time of year every effort will be made to avoid such clashes.

You will soon be receiving your availability request and this will cover the whole of the 2012 season although the appointments will be issued in two parts. The first list of appointments will cover from the start of the season to about end of June the second list will cover the remainder of the season. This is mainly due to the lack of information regarding the district matches particularly as to venues. We will therefore, by making two appointments lists, be able to fit members to their closest venues thereby reducing the travelling. It will also give members the chance to change their availability, due to holidays etc, reducing the amount of re-allocation.
We have already received notice of the requirements for the “Malvern Festival” which almost dominate the month of August so much so that we are already asking other counties if they may be in a position to help if required.

Our training season will soon be upon us with courses at Worcester and Kidderminster commencing in January. Our Education Officer has produced the following article outlining the training programme. Please note that the Scorers course and the refresher courses are being sponsored by the Worcester County League and will therefore be free of any charges.


ECB ACO has recently changed the form of the LEVEL ONE ADVANCED course. In the past the L1A was an in-depth course based entirely on the Laws. But things have changed and The L1A is no longer finalised by an examination instead a Personal Discussion is used.
As you are aware, the Level One course covers only those Laws pertaining to the Saturday afternoon League match. Having passed the L1 course, ECB ACO then expect the student to stand as an Umpire for at least a season before taking the L1A course which deals only with those Laws not covered by the L1 course. However, WCU&SA have decided ALL the Laws will be covered to confirm that the student is fully prepared and to give him additional confidence
The main thrust of the L1A course relies almost entirely on the candidate producing documentary evidence that he must obtain whilst standing as an Umpire and seeks to establish that he is making progress towards becoming an efficient umpire. These documents should be inserted in a Development Logbook
This Personal Development Logbook provides the self-evaluation and assessment elements that will be compiled from experience and supported development during the season following attainment of qualification of L1. I have set out below the type of documentation required which must completed and then submitted to the County Performance Officer (CPO) in the Development Logbook.
Having obtained this evidence the CPO will then arrange to have a “Professional Discussion” with the candidate to establish that he knows the Laws and the discussion will included as an assessment of the students performance as an Umpire.
Form to be competed:
P09 This is a CV completed by the student to give his personal details
P12 The Characteristics of an Effective Umpire – What the student feels is important
P42 Information sheet for the student
P43 A Match record details of a minimum of 10 matches in the season
P45 Match Planner – to be completed for each match recorded on P43
P46 Performance Feedback Internal – to be completed by the student or an Assessor
P47 Performance Feedback External - to be completed by the Captain/Manager or Coach of the teams concerned at P45 above
P48 Performance Feedback Scorer – to be completed by a Scorer who scored in one of the matches above.
There is also a WORKBOOK containing 20 questions which the Candidate has to complete in detail.

We are planning to hold the course at both Old Elizabethans CC and Kidderminster CC. We will be at Old E’s on Sunday 11th March and at Kidderminster CC the following Sunday 18th March. Both events will commence at 1000 and last some 2½ hours. The course will cover mainly “Field-craft” but will also look closely at the LBW Law. The good news is that the Worcestershire County league has again kindly agreed to sponsor the event and so there will be no charge to members.

At the time of going to press, Level 1 courses have been arranged at Worcester CC on Tuesdays starting on 10th January and commencing at 1930. Courses will also be held at Kidderminster CC also on Tuesday starting on 31st January 2012. Peter Stevens will be the Lead Tutor at Worcester and John Collins at Kidderminster. I am hoping to hold a course at Bromsgrove and Evesham if demand decrees.

Tim Granger
Education Officer

I am again expressing my disappointment at the level of attendance at the General Meetings. It is your Association and your committee does work hard to provide speakers etc and is sometimes embarrassed at the low attendances. Again I would ask if there is anything more we can do to encourage members to attend. Attached to this newsletter is a list of meeting dates as a reminder.

It gives me great pleasure to tell you that our President, Peter Stevens, has been awarded Honorary Life Membership of ECB ACO.
I am also pleased to tell you that one of newest members, Dean Gervis, was awarded “Umpire of the year” by the Worcester County League.

As most of you know the annual subscriptions are due by the 30th September each year. We receive subscriptions by various means and at various times and some members we have to remind. Such reminders cost the Association a fair amount of money and is really an unnecessary expense. This year we are holding open the subscriptions until 31st December and any members who have not renewed their membership at that date will be removed from the full membership list.

May I, in conclusion, thank you for your continued support and wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

John Collins.
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Welcome to this my third newsletter as your Chairman. May I thank all of you who attended the Annual General Meeting for your support. At our first committee meeting some changes were made to the various sub committees and a full list of committee members and the various sub committees is attached for your information together with a list of meeting dates and a copy of the Constitution of the Association.
You will be pleased to know that Derek Smith was elected as our Secretary at the Annual General Meeting and I am sure you will join with me in wishing Derek every success in this post.

As a result of comments made at the Annual General Meeting that the proposed date for the Annual Dinner, 29th April 2011, was a little late and could clash with early season matches, a new date has been agreed with WCCC. The dinner will now be on Friday 25th March 2011. Details of the menu and cost are enclosed. Please make every effort to support the Association on this occasion.
It is the intention of ECB ACO to request County Associations to carry out the “grading” of their umpire members. This will be based on where members umpire taking into account captains marks and any other information that may be available. This will be carried out during December and all members notified in January 2011.
Following several complaints received regarding the attitudes of some of our members when umpiring, particularly age group cricket, the committee felt it necessary to adopt a form of disciplinary procedure. The procedure, agreed by the committee, is attached for your information.

Firstly I would like to thank the Appointments Officer for his work during last season. Over 700 appointments were made. Now that we have a Secretary it was felt, and Chris Bryant agreed, that a deputy Appointments Officer was no longer needed. All matters regarding appointments will be dealt with by the appointed sub committee and should be addressed in the first instance to Chris Bryant. In the event of Chris not being available then any other member of the sub committee. The full list of appointments will be published and in order to avoid the ever increasing costs of producing hard copies the list will be published on the Association’s web site. For those members who do not have the necessary facilities a hard copy will be made available on request.



WCU&SA will be holding Umpire’s Refresher Courses in the New Year at both Kidderminster CC and Old Elizabethans CC.
The course at Kidderminster will be held on the two Sundays 20th and 27th March 2011 starting at 0930 to 1230.
At Old Elizabethans the course will be a single day four hour Course on Sunday 13th March 2011 starting at 0930
In addition to the need for refreshment, It is essential that all Umpires are aware of the CHANGES in the LAWS and League Officials will be expecting Umpires to have attended a Course on the Changes before the commencement of the 2011 season.
If you have not already booked your place you can find out more information from

Bill Brooks (Kidderminster CC) on 01562 68561 or suebill18@yahoo.com or
Tim Granger (Old Elizabethans CC) at 01386 552613 or timgranger17@homecall.co.uk
Please CONFIRM your attendance

Level one courses are being held at Kidderminster, Worcester and Bromsgrove commencing January 2011. Please contact Tim Granger for further information.

It was with great pleasure that we welcomed Charlotte to our meeting on October 21st. The evening was attended by some sixty members and guests who listened intently to Charlotte’s experiences as captain of the England’s Ladies team and later had the opportunity to ask questions. It was the first time that the Association, on general meeting evenings, had opened its doors to non members and we were pleasantly surprised by the attendance. Something we may try again in the future. The evening was organised by our Programme Officer, Howard Burley, who is also our Vice Chairman. Our thanks go to him for a special evening.

The photograph shows our Vice Chairman presenting Charlotte with a bouquet of flowers with our President, Peter Stevens, keeping a watchful eye.

The Association’s web site has now been on operation for almost a year and all current information is shown on the site. It is our intention to publish the Newsletters, Appointments and meeting dates on the web site. In addition the newsletters will be sent by email. If you do not have the necessary facilities please inform our Secretary who will arrange for hard copies to be sent.
The web site address is worcumpires.org.uk

The next general meeting is on the 17th February 2011 which will be our General Knowledge Quiz organised by Andy Hicks.
On the 17th March 2011 we are proposing to hold a team quiz. We are hoping to have a team from Warwickshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire as well as a club captains team. The teams will consist of four members and the questions will be on the Laws of cricket and general cricket matters. Please do your best to attend.
The 21st April is our Presentation Evening when certificates will be presented to the successful candidates. Light refreshments will be provided.

I am sure you will join me in congratulating Dennis Pyke and David Gower on their appointments to the Minor Counties Panel. We wish them every success.

Finally it only remains for me to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New Year.

John Collins.
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This is my second newsletter since becoming elected as Chairman and I must admit it is quite difficult to find enough to say to make it worthwhile. Please contact me if there is anything you would like to have put in the newsletters.

You will see from ‘Committee Matters’ that we are well on the way to having our own website and the address will be notified to you in due course.

The main attraction since the Annual General Meeting has been the Dinner. This was a success and I think that everyone who attended enjoyed the occasion.

The training season is well underway and will be followed by a refresher course at Kidderminster in April for anyone who is interested.

Our appointments officer and sub committee will soon be busy allocating appointments so get your availability list back as soon as possible after you receive them.

I would like to wish everyone a happy and ‘sunny’ season.


The committee have met three times since the AGM.

At the November meeting Derek Smith offered to set up our own website. This was agreed.

At the meeting on the 21st January 2010 our secretary, Brian Hall, announced his resignation. Due to his other commitments he found that he could not devote sufficient time to the Association. The chairman, John Collins, agreed to carry out the duties of the secretary until the next AGM. It was felt that this would give us sufficient time to find a suitable replacement to nominate at the AGM. SO IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED PLEASE CONTACT ME AND WE CAN DISCUSS THE MATTER.

Due to Brian’s resignation the appointments subcommittee was a member short and Chris Bryant proposed Bill Brooks and Peter Stevens proposed Tim Grainger. By a show of hands Bill Brookes was duly appointed to that sub committee.

For your information Howard Burly has now been added to the list of signatories for CRB applications. When your CRB is renewed please send the new number to the Hon. Secretary.


The 32nd Annual Dinner was attended by 55 members and guests at the County Ground, Worcester. There was some doubt to the viability of this event as bookings were very slow to appear. However all was well.

This was the 31st Dinner that Wally Clark has organised and has called time on his innings. In acknowledgement of his services to the Association the Chairman presented Wally with two engraved Goblets.

The committee acknowledges that times have changed and will be discussing the format of future dinners at some length. Any recommended changes will be put before the AGM in September.


John Collins Phone. 01384 270197
Email. jc.collins@talktalk.net
Bill Brooks Phone. 01562 68561
Email. suebill18@yahoo.com


Our treasurer has expressed some concern at the number of unpaid subscriptions. It is stated quite clearly in the Constitution that subscriptions are due by the 30th September each year. Please ensure that if you pay by Direct Debit / Standing Order the amount payable is correct and the date for payment is the 30th September. Full active membership is £10 per annum and Non-active (Social) membership is £5 per annum. For those who pay by cheque please ensure that this is done by 30th September. In order to save writing more reminder letters the committee have agreed a final date for payment of outstanding subscriptions. Members who do not pay by the 28th February 2010 will be placed on a ‘lapsed members’ list and will not therefore be entitled to any communications or appointments by the Association. This will not happen next year when the cut-off date for subscriptions will be 30th September.


Two Level One courses are underway at Worcester and Kidderminster with a combined attendance of 34 candidates.
A refresher course will be held at Kidderminster Cricket Club on Tuesdays the 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th April commencing at 7:30pm. Cost is £10


As you will be aware from my previous newsletter our list of umpires, classified in accordance with the requirements of ECB according to which league and the matches that you regularly umpire, was sent to ECB in October 2009. I am advised that gradings will be available some time in February. I am led to believe that you will be advised directly by ECB.

The annual subscription is to remain unchanged at £20 (if you pay by direct debit) for this year.

Depending on the response by members there may be some changes to the ECB ACO clothing range.


Umpires Blouson size XL fleece lined by ‘CICADA’ New. Apply Bill Brookes for further details and price.

Two pairs of ‘Farah’ trousers both new 44in waist, one pair black, one pair navy. Apply John Collins

MCC law books £3 each. Association ties £12, coat badges £7, Blazer badges £15. Apply Bill Brookes.


The availability list will soon be with you.

This years list will be dates only which should make the appointments a lot easier. It has been emphasised by the committee that every effort must be made to ensure that appointments are fair and equitable and the Appointments sub-committee have been duly charged with this. The appointments will be made at one sitting of the committee and when these have been collated a further meeting will take place to review the list before publication.


The umpires in the last ever Benson & Hedges Cup Final, John Hampshire and Barry Dudleston had faced each other as players in the first final on the same Lord’s pitch 30 years before.

Indian left-arm spinner Nilesh Kulkami dismissed Marvan Atapattu with his first ball in Test cricket and then bowled 419 more balls without success.

In 1955, while playing against India, Maqsood Ahmed of Pakistan became the first player to be stumped for 99 in a Test match.
John Collins
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The Constitution of the Association requires at least two newsletters to be sent to members each year. Welcome to my first effort as your new Chairman.
As you may well be aware, there were a number of changes made to the committee at the Annual general Meeting and I am pleased to include with this letter a complete list of the Officers, committee and sub committee’s with the relevant contact information together with a list of our meeting dates up to April 2011. There were also several changes made to the Constitution some of which were simply to update the document but the main change is to section four, which now gives the representative of the Kidderminster and District Umpires Association and any members who are co-opted to the committee for specific purposes, a clear right to vote at committee meetings. A copy of the new Constitution is enclosed for your perusal and retention.
You will notice that the number of general meetings has been reduced to four meetings, two with guest speakers, our annual quiz night and the presentation evening and of course, in addition, the Annual General Meeting. It was felt that these meetings needed to be reduced mainly because of the lack of support from members. I hasten to add that these can be increased again. It is up to you.

Firstly I would like to thank members for their support during last season enabling our Appointments Officer to fulfil virtually all fixtures.
For the 2010 season members will be requested to state their availability on a date only basis without prior knowledge of the fixtures available. Every effort will be made to ensure that there is a fair and equitable distribution of fixtures.

At committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting I submitted, what I presumed was, the grading system as dictated by ECB. The information I gave is apparently incorrect. Firstly we are not grading umpires but classifying them according to where they umpire. Those officiating in Birmingham League cricket, premier division only, are to be classified B, and those umpires who officiate at this level and have experience of multi day cricket will be classified A. Feeder league umpires will be classified C. Club umpires and other non-feeder league umpires classified D. ECB will then carry out the grading and indicate the level of ECB appointments umpires may expect to be appointed to. When this grading is received from ECB you will be invited to contact appointed persons within the Association to be advised of your grading etc.

Requests have been received for a refresher course during the winter months. In response to this our Training Officer has compiled a course covering the following:
1. Examine Laws and confirm we are aware of all various changes.
2. Discuss various interpretations and ensure we understand their meanings.
3. Group discussions to ensure everyone has same understanding of the Laws on the field of play.
4. Deal with any queries.
This will be very much a discussion course and will be concentrated on Saturday league cricket. I understand that Peter Stevens and Tim Granger are offering this course at Worcester Cricket Club, late October 2009, and is expected to last for four or five weeks. A similar course will be offered at Kidderminster in January 2010.
Then please contact Peter or Tim for the Worcester course or myself and Bill Brooks for the Kidderminster course. The cost will be £10. Money well spent I would suggest.
ECB ACO level one courses will also take place and if you are interested in these please contact Peter, Tim or myself.

The dinner will again be held on the last Friday of January 2010. At New Road, Worcester. There were some comments last year on the length of the speeches. I can assure you that as far as I am concerned my speech will be very short, in fact if you sneeze you may well miss it. Our President also assures me that his speech will be shortish. The entertainment will be the same as last year, Shooting Stars, but I hope that some time will be available for you to mingle and chat with old friends.
A booking form is enclosed with all the relevant information. Please support the Association and get your booking in early. Raffle prizes will be gratefully accepted.

With the advent of ECB ACO and all the items of official ACO clothing now being available from Fearnley’s it was suggested that we discontinue providing insignia ourselves. However it was realised that members may wish to have items of clothing with our Association badge in place. We are therefore quite happy to continue our range with one exception. If you require field shirts with the Association badge embroided please provide your own shirts and we will arrange for them to be embroided at a cost of £5 each.

The Association did not feel that it was necessary to increase the subscriptions this year but I have been asked to point out that some of the subscriptions now being received are at the old rate. Please ensure that your bank have an up to date standing order mandate.

The “newsletter” is an ideal way to ensure that our membership is kept well informed but I feel that it requires a little more content, maybe light hearted tales or more serious technical comments. If you have a story to tell, comments to make or any technical query please let me know and between us we can make this a more interesting paper.
Please take time to complete the Umpire/Scorer profile and return to Brian Hall. This will enable us to keep our membership details up to date.

On a final note may I express my thanks to you, our members, for the support you have given me during my eleven years as your secretary and the confidence you have shown in electing me as your Chairman.

John Collins.
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