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Who's the Umpire (WtU)
How to Join Who’s the Umpire
Go to www.whostheumpire.com
Click login (top right)
Click blue 'New Users Sign Up'
Choose 'Cricket' from drop-down menu
You get a page to fill in now,
Choose 'Worcestershire' from drop-down menu
Fill in ALL personal details
In 'Comment' box at end type in your ACO number, the issue date of your CRB/DBS, confirm you are joining as an 'Umpire' and finally give your 2014 ECB Grade.
(If you don't know some of these then leave them out and I will add them from my files later)
Click proceed
Then await emails from the system and follow the instructions contained therein!!
WtU Help Guides
Please find below links to 2 PDF files which give assistance on how to login to WtU and how to update your availability. Any further queries should be sent to Chris Bryant who is responsible for the operation of WtU.
Login to WtU
Changing Availability
How to Use Who’s the Umpire
Once registered, the initial information you will need to enter into WtU is your availability, done by editing your calendar. The default position is that you are not available on any date, so you need to tick those dates that you are free to accept an appointment. Please note that appointments will not be made more than 2 months in advance of a fixture, so you need to ensure that your calendar is always up-to-date for this period.
In your details you can indicate if you want to receive appointments, etc. via text instead of email. However be aware that every text costs the Association money.
Bank Details
Bank: Lloyds Bank
Account Name: Worcestershire Association of Cricket Officials or Worcestershire ACO
Sort Code: 30-62-61
Account Number: 64104960
Using either internet banking or by going to your own bank, please set up a Standing Order to the Bank Details above for £10 to transfer at the beginning of September every year (the exact date is up to you to suit your finances).
Any person who was previously a member of the Association and wishes to rejoin the Association after letting their membership lapse will be required to pay a rejoining fee of £10.
Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)
DBS Process and the ECB ACO
For those who have recently renewed or are about to renew their DBS it is important that you follow the full process as outlined in the latest ECB ACO newsletter.
The DBS validation certificate is now sent only to the applicant, and no longer also to the ECB. Therefore, when the renewed certificate is received by the member it must be sent on to TMG CRB. A member can only be shown as 'completed' on the ECB ACO database if and when TMG CRB complete the process after they receive the certificate. Members cannot be accepted as an ECB ACO member without this process being completed and therefore would not qualify for appointments either from the ECB or our association and would have no valid insurance unless arranged privately.
Disclosure and Barring Service Form (previously CRB)
Can members who are due to renew their DBS (ex CRB) please use our Welfare Officer if possible. The ACO are now sending the Association, at regular intervals, details of members whose DBS is out-of-date or whose renewal date is close. By using our Welfare Officer will allow the Association to keep track of who is completing the process so that our records, and that held by the ACO, are correct. Once you receive your new certificate, please provide your certificate number and issue date to our Treasurer who will update the expiry date on Who's the Umpire.
Insignia Sales
Please note that following the Association's change to an ACO at the 2014 AGM, it is intended to create a new logo and branding. Consideration is also being given to the production of WACO leisurewear. Hence no insignia items are being offered at present. Any progress in this area will be reported in the Latest News page.
Ryan Bowler Award
2016 - Mike Neal
2017 - Rod Lane
Rules and Playing Conditions
This space will be used to provide links to or information about rules and playing conditions
Worcester County League Rules
ECB Playing Regulations